About the Cold Lake Rowing Club

The Cold Lake Rowing Club is a volunteer-run society with the objective of promoting the sport of rowing in the Cold Lake/Bonnyville area.

Our goal is to provide both recreational and competitive rowing programs to the lakeland region in a sociable and accessible club environment. Anyone from age 14 to 80+ can enjoy the cardiovascular, flexibility, and muscle strengthening benefits that the sport of rowing provides.
Contact us at rowingcoldlake@gmail.com

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  1. James Bacon says:

    New to the area and looking to get involved, used to row in university and interested in getting back into it. Understand there is a winter workout schedule and agm coming up soon and would like to start getting engaged. Thanks!


    1. Hi James,

      It’s been almost two years but hopefully you are still in the area! If you are and are interested in getting involved with rowing again please give us a shout at rowingcoldlake@gmail.com, we’d love to have you!



  2. Dan says:

    I’m interested in joining the rowing club, was wondering if there are any upcoming events to participate in to get an idea of what is involved.


    1. Hi Dan,

      First off sorry this reply is coming 18 months late! If you are still interested in getting involved please send us a message at rowingcoldlake@gmail.com and we can keep you in the loop!



  3. Bryan Metchewais says:

    Hi saw your sign at the ski hill and was wondering if you are still active. Definitely interested and was surprised to see there was a club in the area.


    1. Hi Bryan,

      We are still active! We are presently in the process of planning for summer 2018 and can keep you posted once we have our summer events planned. We are also always excited to bring people behind the scenes so if you’d like to be involved in the planning process please send us an email at rowingcoldlake@gmail.com and we can keep you updated about our planning meetings.



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