Head Coach: Heidi Masserey

Heidi’s Bio:

Heidi has experience coaching riding (jumper), swimming, track & field, and basketball. Being a teacher, she loves to share knowledge and skills with others. Heidi was introduced to rowing in 2015 by Janelle, and after taking her learn to row course in Vermilion, she caught the rowing bug. Heidi is excited about continuing her rowing journey with the Cold Lake Rowing Club while helping others develop their rowing proficiency.

Learn to Row Coach: Janelle Sloychuk 

Janelle’s Bio:

Janelle had an early interest in the sport of rowing, and finally had the chance to try rowing in 2012 with the Saskatoon Rowing Club. One Learn to Row course and she was hooked! Janelle has taken the Learn to Row Facilitators course, and is interested in improving her coaching knowledge as the sport develops in Cold Lake. She also assistant coaches high school basketball. Janelle is interested in coaching adults and youth alike, and is just generally excited about introducing others to the sport of rowing!


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